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Major Cannabinoids Guide: Your Complete List of Cannabinoids

It’s impossible to ignore CBD anymore. Different types of CBD products are dominating the health market. From oils to salves and capsules, this all-natural compound is turning heads for its amazing effects that are backed by science and expand with every new research. You’ve probably heard good things about what CBD oil can do or…

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Can CBD Treat Alzheimer’s? Everything You Need to Know About CBD for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

CBD has gained momentum in the health world as an all-natural plant extract for fighting inflammation, anxiety, pain, and even cancer. According to the World Health Organization, it doesn’t have any side effects. Plus, it’s not addictive like many of the common medications. These properties along with its neuroprotective effects have driven researchers to study…

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CBD for Athletes; Natural Boost for Better Performance

Are CBD and athletes a good match? Are there benefits in CBD for athletes? Athletes are always on the lookout for better, more natural ways to boost their performance and recover from intense training sessions. Current options for post-workout pain relief and recovery are more harmful than beneficial. Some are even extremely addictive. So when…

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What Are Terpenes? Your Guide to Natural Terpenes and Terpenoids

What are terpenes? We’ll answer that question and take a look at different natural terpenes and terpenoids.   Ever wondered where that soothing scent of cannabis comes from? Or how different CBD products have unique flavors, each promising a distinctive effect? These are all thanks to the natural terpenes and terpenoids found in the cannabis…

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CBD for Skin; Using CBD Oil for Skin Care

A guide on using CBD oil for skin care   CBD is not just a health product for treating anxieties, stopping seizures, and reliving pain anymore. It’s also starting to show up in the beauty and cosmetic industry. It especially plays a big role in skin care products. It is estimated that by 2025, these…

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Does CBD Help With Insomnia? The Best CBD for Sleep

Does CBD help with insomnia, you ask? We’ve got your answer right here along with the best CBD for sleep.   Have you had a night when you just can’t seem to fall asleep? Or you fell asleep, but kept waking up? How about low-quality sleeps filled with random nightmares? We’ve all had experienced this…

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CBD’s Legality in the US; Is CBD Legal in All 50 States?

Shedding light on CBD’s legality in the US and the states in which you can buy legal CBD. The CBD market has been booming since 2018 and it’s not slowing down. With countless online stores and so many different forms, it’s one of those products that suddenly seems to be everywhere and everyone is talking…

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How to Take CBD; Everything You Need to Know

Want to know how to take CBD? Stick with us and we will tell you everything you need to know. By now you’re probably familiar with CBD. You’ve heard the stories about how it has helped many people with various health conditions and you can’t wait to try it for your anxiety, pain, insomnia, and…

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Can CBD Boost Your Immune System?

Research shows promising results that CBD can boost the immune system.   There is no better time than this to tend to your health and boost your immune system. The Coronavirus has reminded us all just how important our health is by locking us in our homes, forcing us to wear uncomfortable masks, and turning…

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National Pet CBD Month With Silver Tuna CBD

October has been announced as the National Pet CBD Month to raise awareness on the use of CBD for pets and educate pet owners.   There has been a noticeable trend in recent years. People are turning from chemical medicines to more natural options for their health conditions. While this may not be a smart…

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