Is CBD Oil Safe To Use For Dogs?

Is CBD Oil Safe To Use For Dogs?

Is CBD Oil Safe To Use For Your Dog? We Provide Some More Details In This Article.

Is CBD Oil Safe To Use For Dogs?

CBD oil has become a popular option for natural health care. There are still some misconceptions about the link between CBD and marijuana. However, there is also a greater understanding that 100% pure CBD oil is safe and therapeutic. The lack of THC compounds means that we get all the great benefits of the plant without the psychoactive components. We aren’t going to get high or suffer any form of a comedown – but we might be able to relax, sleep more easily and even improve major illnesses.

The safety and ease of use of CBD oil products have led to some questions from dog owners wondering if CBD products would be effective for their pets. Many dog owners will prefer to use natural substances over chemical drugs. CBD oil could be a great addition to that list in certain situations. So, is CBD oil safe for dogs and what possible applications might it have?

Is CBD oil for dogs a safe and legal choice?

If you are dealing with pure CBD oil – rather than marijuana with THC – there are few safety risks and it is completely legal. You can purchase CBD oil online and add it to a healthcare regime as needed. The only time that you will be in trouble with the law is when marijuana is involved. There are all kinds of legal and safety issues involved there. Take away the THC and maximize the impact of the hemp and you should be fine. You can drop some oil in a water bowl, add it to your pets food, or create a medicinal spray. The method you choose to use may depend on how fussy an eater your dog is and the specific condition you are treating.

The main concern for dog owners that aren’t familiar with hemp, cannabis or CBD oil is that their dog will get high. It doesn’t help that there are so many YouTube videos that seem to show this happening with peoples pets. In most of these cases, they probably exposed the dog to cannabis with THC compounds, marijuana on it’s own can actually be harmful to your pets and vets deal with thousands of these cases per year. So, you can’t buy weed and bake it into dog biscuits!

CBD oil from reliable sources doesn’t carry this risk. The dog will become relaxed but they aren’t going on some psychoactive trip and getting the munchies – at least no more than normal.

It is also important to note that many veterinarians will approve the use of CBD oil – as long as it is a safe dosage for the right condition. If they have seen studies that highlight the potential of cannabis and hemp for a disorder, they should have no problem agreeing to it. Others may be less keen if they are more comfortable prescribing more-common drugs. Just remember to follow the dosage guidelines on the product.

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Why would you decide to give dogs CBD oil?

There are lots of different health benefits related to canine CBD oil use. In fact, the more that scientists research the substance, the more they find and there are new discoveries happening regularly. Some of the more common reasons to give dogs CBD products are:

  1. anxiety
  2. pain management
  3. skincare
  4. cancer treatment
  5. epilepsy

Anxiety aids for dogs are big business. There are lots of substance and tools out there designed to provide a natural approach to calming your dog. This could help those that dislike storms and fireworks or those with separation anxiety. The calming effect of CBD oil could limit the animal’s reaction to stimuli. This could, in turn, reduce the risk of secondary health issues, stress and injuries.

CBD and pain management in dogs.

Pain management is another area where CBD oil could prove to be highly effective. There are studies on chronic pain conditions where symptoms have improved with this substance. One of the most interesting of these is arthritis. In fact, there are suggestions that CBD could be more effective here than fish oils. Cornell University completed a trial in 2018 that showed that as little as 2mg a day was enough to improve the condition in dogs.

CBD and canine cancer treatment.

Cancer treatments for dogs can be far too invasive for the likes of owners. No one wants to put their pet through invasive chemotherapy if there is an alternative option. More and more researchers are looking at the impact of CBD on the growth rate of cancer cells. It seems that an appropriate dosage could minimize the spread of the disease and improve the prognosis. Add in the impact on pain management and this seems like a much better solution in the right situation.

CBD and doggy skincare.

There are also dog owners using CBD oil for skincare. Skin allergies and rashes are common issues with dogs. Some find themselves to be allergic to certain foods and stimuli. Others develop dermatitis, poor coat conditioning or bites from fleas or other parasites. CBD oil could work as a topical solution to soothe the inflammation and itching. The substance can also lead to increased oil production to enhance coat condition.

CBD and canine epilepsy.

Then there is the link between CBD oil and epilepsy. This is something that has made the news a lot recently in relation to human epilepsy. There are questions over the use of CBD oil for children with the condition and availability of the substance. Research from as recently as May 2010 from Colorado State University showed promising results on canine subjects. 89% of dogs in the clinical trial saw a reduction in the frequency of seizures.

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Is CBD oil right for your dog?

This substance isn’t going to appeal to everyone because of that connection to cannabinoids. However, you can rest assured that pure CBD oil poses no risk to dogs in the right dosage. CBD oil for dogs is simple, effective and convenient for many conditions. At its best, the chemicals can aid cancer, epilepsy and more. At its worse, it will simply act as a relaxant. Talk to your vet about this option for your pet’s health conditions, give Silver Tuna CBD oil and try and see how it goes. It might surprise you.

Important Legal DISCLAIMER: The laws regarding CBD products in your state might be different than ours (Missouri) and they can also vary throughout different jurisdictions. You must be 18 years of age or older to be on this website or to purchase from our online store. As a consumer it is your responsibility to know the laws regarding CBD in your state.

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your veterinarian before using CBD products for your pet. Do not take any information in this article as medical advice, we are merely sharing links to studies and facts that we’ve found across the Internet. Do your own due diligence before purchasing or using CBD products from any source.

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